Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Weight off my Mind

I have today, after a lot of thought, resigned from the council.

I wasn't going to do so originally, but in today's Soviet-style Britain, with all the pressures coming down upon us from on high and with yet more to come (as I recently reported HERE), all the indicators are that recent events have, funnily enough, afforded me an opportunity to 'get out from under' before even more bureaucracy hits local Councillors.

Just think of it: no more Government-imposed 'Performance Indicators' (a mere 168 of 'em!), no more having to explain why we can't do something because tens of millions of pounds has been deducted from our funding every year, no more Codes of Conduct and all of that, and no more briefings on this week's new legislation. Bliss!

Anyway, this means that this 'blog (which was initially just an experiment anyway) will probably close very soon.

As for me: I look forward to the next adventure in my life, wherever that should turn out to be -- just as I did when I moved here eleven years ago, not knowing what lay ahead of me then.


Anonymous said...

No! Another hard working, RISC OS using, independant
thinking local councillor forced out,
leaving the politicos more and more in charge. Next
step, local one-man-rule, sorry, directly elected
executive mayors. All power in one set of hands.

You were in for another three years, couldn't you have
just gone Independant?

Will miss you and the blog.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see this on the news tonight, BBC South east, like the way they publiciesed where you live! that labour Councillor that was on had 'something of the night' about him. Trying hard to be serious when he clearly wanted to whoop with joy! Nasty piece of work. Good job they don't dip into Inspector Gadget - Eugenics is often discussed - a tad tongue in cheek - or is it?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that I'm not the only person who feels that serial single mothers are a serious drain on our taxes. In many cases, it is their grandmothers who should have been sterilised. The next generation has no hope of clawing out of the abyss.

Anonymous said...

Here is a letter I have written to KM Online on the have your say section of their wedsite. If ever you feel down, read the comments and you will know that you were right. They haven't printed it yet.

I think this just shows that the decision makers and our political elite, have no idea what the majority of people are actually saying and discussing with each other. The comments and the result of the poll so far are backing a man for saying what all non chav, non scrounging, people who have to work to survive because we have pride and honor believe. He had to quit his post because his name would be dragged through hell and back in todays media world for no other reason than it makes headlines or sells papers. Here is another nail in the coffin of free speech. Good Luck in whatever you choose to do Mr Ward you obviously speak far too much sense for todays buy a vote politicians.
Best of luck for the future
Rob Brown ( real name not Earnie Nalivin-Just as for the KM )

Anonymous said...


I am not from the area not have i heard of you until today but i would like to offer you support for your comments. I agree with the breed for greed that exists in UK. Which the government only add to by offering more hand outs for people with children. I am a UK tax payer and a serving soldier who has no children but seems to be paying for everyone else's.



Francesca Preece said...

I just came across your blog via hearing your name in the newspaper.

All I shall say is that do not succumb to the socialist rule of thumb of selective censorship of anything not on par with the Soviet Scots' agenda.

In this country there is apparently freedom of speech and you, as a citizen of Britain, should be entitled to say it, be it in spoken, in written form or my favourite, the preacher-rant kind.

John, blog to your heart's content! For now you need not worry of these pressures as an everyday Joe Bloggs.

Anonymous said...

i agree 100% with what you was trying to say, sadly the p/c brigade will always twist and turn things towards there own gain
england as it is now is a nanny state

Anonymous said...

Have to say that, for some people, enforced steralisation would definitely be a good thing.

Far too many bone idle scroungers in this country living of benefits.

Fair play to you, for saying what the rest of us are thinking.

Anonymous said...

It is a great pity when someone has to resign for expressing views held by a large number Conservative voters.It would be a much better country to live in if the Tory leadership held the same views. The country needs people who are not frightened to express the opinions held by the silent majority

monaxle said...

You forgot to add that you'll be able to spend more time with your grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

It's a very great shame that freedom of speech once again is forced to concede to the PC brigade. Your comments are spot on. I fully support them. I wish I could identify myself but don't want to share your fate. What a ridiculous country we live in?

Cy B said...

Thank god you have gone. It is people like you who make Medway the god awful place it is for a large majority of people living there.

And by the way - there are 198 new performance indicators not 169 (The New Performance Framework for Local Authorities and Local Authority Partnerships: Single Set of National Indicators) - or is that another typo? Seems you can't quite get the hang of this internet thing....

Still one less Tory in Medway is no bad thing in my humble view - it is the Tory leadership [sic] who are directly responsible for the MESS Medway is in, if you don't believe me then go read the Council's logs of the meetings that decide what goes on.

Big Cy

Matthew said...

Soviet-Style Britain? If only! I wouldn't introduce sterilisation, but I would bring in the gulag or perhaps your old-fashioned workhouse.

Seriously though, I'm completely on the other side of the political spectrum to you but you raised a serious point. That we as a society cannot support these kind of families.

I work a 40 hour week, which is far to much and leaves me too tired to properly pursue my creative interests. I don't mind working and paying taxes for the common good, but I absolutely resent supporting freeloaders who refuse to work.

Benefits should only be available to people willing to contribute their time to community projects. Unemployed mothers for instance could work part-time (20 hours a week) in joint childcare groups.

With more people contributing to the community, taxes would be lower and I could work less and have more time for myself. Bingo, we're all happy!

Anyone who wants to claim from society, but not contribute should simply be flung out!

So you see, maybe you tories aren't so different from the real socialists!!

Best of luck, but tone down the rants!


Anonymous said...

Good luck - you know what I mean when I say - it all SUCKS!! Head to Oz ... :)

Anonymous said...

It's a real shame you're going. i'm not from Medway, but have an interest in politics in general. I feel disgusted that you have been forced to resign under these circumstances, especially in a so called "free country" where freedom of speech is wielded like a blunt weapon so often. Your right to a debate has been removed in a very un-democratic fashion. Good luck for your future career, I hope that more people like you can stand up and be counted, let's claim Britain back! And just for the record, I agree completely with what you said, as do i'm sure the majority of the UK. Well, the ones with a job anyway.

Mike Davies
Kettering, Northants

ChrisW said...

Will you give up your Qercus magazine column?

Little sausage said...

Please don't close your blog! You have been victimised by ridiculously PC people - it seems it is OK to be politically incorrect when talking about Christians, or those who actually pay their taxes but, should anyone say anything against those scrounging off the state, the punishment is sever. I am absolutely furious at the way by which you have been treated.

At least now you can let us all in on what councils are REALLY like!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Ward,
Just writing to say that I support your proposals re sterilisation & I think it is a shame you have had to resign - whatever happened to free speech?. While sterilisation may be a bit extreme, something has to be done about people who see baby production & welfare as a way of life & there needs to be informed debate about it, not supression of the truth. I have been a Tory voter in the general elections but after this example of 'toe the party line or else' I do not think I will be voting for them at the next election. Judging by the comments in the Daily Mail, there is a lot of support for your views & I think the Tories will lose a lot of votes over it. Good luck in your future ventures.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ward;

In my opinion you should not have resigned. No matter how objectionable your comments regarding those who "game" the welfare or benefits programs in the UK may be - you are entitled to your opinion. Your election to public office most certainly did not deprive you of the right to speak your mind.

In a democratic society I believe that it is the responsibility of the electorate to determine the fitness for office of any individual, and that the decision as to whether or not you should continue in an elected position should have been left to the voters at the next election.

Nigel Brooks
Houston, Texas

Anonymous said...

When one sets oneself up as the guardian of morality and good taste it is most certainly the quickest way to the political hangman’s noose. Saying what you think and freedom of speech went out of the window with political correctness. Your group leader Mr Chambers should have told you from day one that unless you “toe the line” you are just voting fodder, this you have now found to your own detriment. You should have gone Independent and stayed in there to worry them all. Look at the free publicity you received and compare it to the BNP, it’s the same modus operandi.

No Sweat

Anonymous said...

John. You should be congratulated not vilified. If the Conservatives stood by their original principals and not pandered to the minority do-gooders they would win the next election by a landslide. Why should we, as taxpayers, pay for all the lazy scroungers who think it is their right to scrounge. Its the Chairman of the council that should resign

Anonymous said...

Of course, how could we let little things like human rights, civil liberties and the like infringe our ability to chop the reproductive organs off people less fortunate than ourselves. It's political correctness gaaaaaawwwwnn maaaaahhd...

I for one and am glad you are toying with going to Australia. You will feel a lot more at home there, and we can feel a lot happier in our 'Soviet - Style' country without you...

Michael Reed said...

I just came across this story on one of the RO portals.

Well done John. I have to say that I don't agree with your specific solution to this pressing social problem, but it's mind boggling that you have been ousted for expressing it.

Personally, I think that establishing equal parental rights for fathers - and therefore automatic 50% physical custody - is a better solution.

I thought that the Torys were supposed to be /against/ political correctness running everything.

Get back in the game. Politics needs MORE people like you, not less!

Londoner said...


From the letters to the London Metro on your case, it is clear that a significant proportion of the great British public is right behind you.

What you wrote may not have been particularly savoury if looked at in the cold light of day but I think most people rightly interpreted as a rhetorical piece written out of frustration.

The issue of a small segment of society who live an amoral (they lack the basic awareness of morality to be classed as "immoral") existence and depend on the state for support is one that needs addressing. The harsh but most effective way would be to turn off the tap of the benefit system that supports them. That would bring them to sobre reality soon enough.

As for the cowardly response of your own party in being incapable of dealing with a spectrum of views, it highlights the vacuous nature of British party politics today. Don't get me wrong. Labour are no better and the Tories will probably win the next election. However what a hollow victory if anyone speaking their mind or showing original if controversial thought is hounded out.

I doubt the PR boys and chinless wonders that oil the machinery of the modern Tory party would ever have heard of Voltaire's phrase "I disagree with everything you say but will defend to the death your right to say it".

Meanwhile those that do use forced sterilisation as a mass policy- the People's Republic of China are rewarded this year with the Olympics.

All hail the Chinese Communist Party as they kill their own citizens who dissent. Let's celebrate a glorious festival of sport in the blood soaked city of Beijing.

Sorry John. No free speech for you in modern Britain. You have to be a superpower and then you can do whatever you want.

It's a mixed up world we live in and I can understand your thoughts on emigration.

Peter C-B. Ramsgate. said...

Well said, John. Once again it has proved that the "English" belief in Freedom of Speech is just a myth.
Just wait until the next election and stand as an Independent councillor, then you will see how many people support you and the truth.
I think the 'establishment will be suprized.

Culture Vulture said...

Is my memrory playing tricks?
I thought it was the Tories who started slashing the funds of local government.

John M Ward said...

Culture Vulture

Who knows what happened in history? We once had slaves; but I deal with the situation I find today. That's what those who elected me back in May 2000, and again in 2003 and 2007 wanted me to do.

As far as I am aware, there were changes in funding back then, but that was to cut out as much as possible of the Socialist Councils' waste on their personal pet projects (instead of doing what they were supposed to be doing), in response to numerous complaints from ratepayers.

Of course, those councils are back at it again, subsidised from Council Tax siphoned off from areas such as mine (to the tune of £28 million a year, here in Medway) -- as has been very well documented by me and by many others, using official documents.